"The product is completely external and non-invasive. I now send patients home to care for their babies instead of delivery-induced hemorrhoids." T. Caruthers, MD

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"With my previous deliveries, hemorrhoids were a post-partum nightmare. I had extreme discomfort for weeks that even prevented me from taking care of my newborn. What a difference the Hem-Avert Perianal Stabilizer made!" Corey G.

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"This was my first delivery without hemorrhoids. Why hasn't anyone thought of this before? Thank you for the Hem-Avert device!" Susan P.

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Help prevent external hemorrhoids
caused by childbirth

Hemorrhoids are one of the top five complications associated with childbirth. In fact, pregnancy and childbirth are the most common cause of symptomatic hemorrhoids in women. The Hem-Avert device is applied externally to help prevent the occurrence of hemorrhoids by providing counter pressure to the anus during the childbirth process. [more]

How to get a Hem-Avert device

How to get a Hem-Avert device

Patients: We can help you request this device through your healthcare provider.

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Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare Professionals

Schedule a demonstration for your hospital or birthing center

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How do hemorrhoids occur?

During pregnancy your blood volume increases. During labor, the pressure inside the veins of the anus is increased by pushing and the passage of the baby through the birth canal. It is this increased venous pressure and over-extension of the anus that is typically responsible for developing painful, external hemorrhoids during childbirth. How can hemorrhoids be prevented?